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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Confirmations in Bozoum and around

Confirmations in Bozoum and around
I am a bit late ... and already someone cares about. Thanks anyhow, but all is well. The reason why I'm late with my weekly news? I wanted to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation first with the opportunity to add few cool pics of the event. Confirmation, one of seven sacraments, “confirms" the baptism. It's somewhat like entering into adulthood of faith. The Bishop performs a very nice gesture and very old: He prays laying his hands asking God to send His Holy Spirit on those Christians who want to live their faith seriously.  This year we have gathered here the Confirmation candidates of Bozoum and those of the nearest villages. For the whole week I, Fr. Enrico and Fr.Norberto have been busy in examining the candidates about the catechism, preparing boys, girls, young people and adults at this important occasion. Finally Saturday afternoon the Abbot Mirek arrives. He is a Polish priest, Vicar of the diocese. The bishop can’t be with us because he doesn’t feel to well.   He is present with his regards and a bottle of whiskey ... kind of comfort for his absence! But He also sent his nearness and gratitude for the courage and the work done in these two years of war and tension. And that touches us, much more than the whiskey! Today, Sunday, April 19, is the great day. Since early morning the candidates are ready. Almost all of them are dressed in red, the color that reminds not only the Holy Spirit but also the martyrdom, extreme act of "seriousness" to follow Christ! They are so many! From Bozoum are 98, and 50 are from 4 nearest villages. The Celebration at 8:30 begins. We can see the presence of lots of people, great participation while we escort them by much prayer. We embrace all these brothers and sisters to accompany them, asking God to renew for each one of us the gift of the Holy Spirit. The celebration ends at 11.30am and we go out with newly confirmed for a last prayer to entrust them to the protection of the Virgin Mary.

La piĆ¹ piccola delle AWADODO (le danzatrici liturgiche)
La plus petite parmi les AWADODO (les danseuses liturgiques)

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