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Sunday, August 23, 2015

It's raining, but isn’t everything…

It's raining, but isn’t everything…
While the rainy season is at its peak, the activities continue. During this period of tension and frailty, some problems emerge in an impressive way. Among them, the accusations of witchcraft! If a person becomes ill or dies, they search for the "guilty ones", meaning someone who has caused with its "magical" abilities the disease or the death. The victims of these accusations are always the weak and fragile (elderly, widows, children) who are often tortured and beaten, forced to drink poison in order to see if they are innocent (if after the poison they don’t die) or guilty (if after being poisoned they die). This attitude goes so far as to bury someone alive! In the past days they had reported this problem as being present in the village of Bokongo, 13 km from Bozoum. On Sunday Fr. Enrico went over there, and Thursday all the accused together with the young and the elders of the village have come here to Bozoum to discuss and resolve the situation, which ended "only" with the get-away of a threatened family,  which managed successfully to return to the village. The work of human promotion and evangelization is a never ending one, but it is true that we are all called to the Freedom of the Sons of God. The Association of Rice Producers of Bozoum was ready with the product (rice) to be sold to WFP and distribute it in the schools, instead of importing from Asia. The quality is very good, and the humidity is within the limits. Children can eat good rice, at low cost, while at the same time will grow the economy and the local production.

Sunday was the birthday of Hyppolite: 18!
Here are the latest updates by Alessandra from Savona: 
Saturday, August 15 Hyppolite has turned 18! We felt the need to celebrate and we did it with a nice group of people. We managed to organize a surprise party at the hospital, succeeding. These were the organizers: Emanuela mom, dad Fiorenzo, Alessandra, Marisa, Flavio, Grandmother Teresa, Paul, Fr. David, Antonella, Michi, Gianni and Paola! With an excuse I brought out of the room the birthday boy, saying that they had to clean the room, while others have now entered to set it up!!! Once everything is set, I have taken back Hyppolite in the room. I open the door and.... surprise!!!! A choir of twelve singing "Happy birthday to you" and Hyppolite is amazed! After all the greetings and best wishes with some emotional tears, the party begins: focaccia, pizza, pretzels (thanks Paul!!!), chocolate cake, sparkling wine and many beautiful gifts for Hyppo! Ah, let's not forget the balloon of Minions, which we could not miss! I take this opportunity to thank (also on behalf of Hyppolite) all those who have dedicated some of their time, with a phone call, with a message or being present in such an important day for him, especially now that he is facing a time not easy at all. I'm pretty sure he will be grateful forever.

As for his clinical situation we talked with Dr. Anselmo. He says that with regard of the infection Hyppolite is getting better reacting well to antibiotic therapy. They will do a biopsy to see how deep the infection is and what kind of infection Hyppolite has. Then they’ll decide a possible change of the present therapy. This coming week a plastic surgeon from Santa Corona Hospital will visit him. Incidentally this Surgeon is also following my brother! For now no Cvc. At the most it can happen when he comes home (I think it’s going to take a lot) in case he has to continue the therapy. Finally (sticking point) he is going to face further surgery to "fix" the basin ... The head of the femur is completely eaten by the infection and this has compromised everything.

For those who failed to see the 5 TV Shows about Center Africa, broadcasted by the TG of Tv2000 last week, here is the link (they are all in one video): 

It is on newsstands the number of the Journal de Bozoum

I produttori di riso di Bozoum
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