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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Last rains

la Farmacia di Rollin
La Pharmacie de Rollin

Last rains
Is about to finish the rainy season, which in our Country begins in April-May and ends between October and November. It is a very busy time for the agricultural work. The climate is very moist, but the heat is acceptable. The roads are worse by the day, a middle way between a swimming pool, a sea of mud and potholes and gullies. The rainy season is reaching its natural end. On these very days in the Capital there were other clashes between Muslims and non-Muslims. By now the tension is so high, that it takes nothing to blow up in a pandemonium. Killings and reprisals; houses, churches and mosques burned. People flee and take the road to the refugee camps: the airport, some school, and many missions. Even in our convent of Carmel have arrived at least a thousand people! Here in Bozoum the situation remains fairly quiet, but the roads are becoming dangerous, particularly the road to Bangui, which is blocked by bandits who take advantage of the disorder attacking, looting and killing. In Bozoum the school continues. These days I visited some of the small business "start-up" that, with the help of our friends SIRIRI.ORG Prague (by the way: on the street signs Prague is turned into Traha!!!) the students of our high school have opened, after a positive achievement at the end of high school. These are the new business: trade, gardens, a pharmacy, a "computer services center", a shop selling drinks. The imagination has no limits, the same for our hope to help them to build up something solid and sustainable. "The saint Michel", the newspaper of Bozoum, is now on newsstand.  Enjoy the reading!

scrivere richiede impegno!
pour écrire, il faut s'y mettre!

il centro servizi informatici
le Centre de services informatiques

la rivendita bevande
le depots de Boisson de Peo Amos

il mercato di Bozoum
le marché de Bozoum

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