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Saturday, November 7, 2015

The war goes on...

The war goes on...
Unfortunately, after almost three years since the beginning of the disturbances at Central Africa, the situation has not improved. In Bangui, in particular, there are fights and killings, mostly among Muslims and non-Muslims. Every incident becomes a cause of retaliation, killing, looting and destruction, with evil consequences for the people, which is compelled to flee, leaving houses and those few belongings that hardly could gain, to go to take refuge in the various sites, from the airport to the different Missions and Churches.
In our convent of Carmel, the refugees, who have dropped down below 2,000 in September, now they have increased, with new arrivals, to quota 7,400. All of these refugees are fleeing from nearby neighborhoods, which have become battle zone and looting. The road from Bangui to Bossemptele and Cameroon, the only way through which the Capital can get provisions, fuel and goods, is practically blocked for over 45 days. This is the real situation in less than a month from Pope Francis visit to Central Africa (November 29-30).   We do not know if he can come, as we cannot know if we can go and meet him.
Wednesday afternoon I'm traveling with the new Sisters of Bozoum (Sr. Lydie, Sr. Christine and Sr. Annita) to accompany them for a short visit at the center of the diocese. We make a first stop in Baoro, where we stay with the fathers and the sisters to celebrate the name day of Fr. Carlo. Thursday we reach Bouar, where we meet the bishop, the Clarisse nuns and the various communities. We have the joy of seeing Fr. Mathieu, a Polish priest who was kidnapped in November 2014 and released after about three weeks. On Friday morning, beside some meetings, we go buying medicines for the dispensary. Early afternoon we leave under heavy rain. The roads continue worsening: from Bossemptele to Bozoum, 87 km, it takes now 2 ½ hours of driving. We reach Bozoum to 7.15pm just in time for dinner. The warm welcome by many communities is always a beautiful sign of love and communion.

Moto, bidone da 200 litri, bagagli, autista e passeggero... e belle strade
sur la moto: un fut de 200 litres, des bagages, le chauffeur et un passeger... sur des routes très belles

Sr Lydie, Sr Annita et Sr Christine

Il centro per i malnutriti di Maigaro, con suor Giulia
le centre pour les malnurris de Maigaro, avec sr Giulia

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