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Saturday, May 7, 2016


Le "danseuses" preparano i fiori per la liturgia

For a Parish of a Christian community, the Sacrament of Baptism is a great gift. Even greater if, instead of one baptism, the candidates to this Sacrament are 160. Then it is a Grace river!
Sunday, May 1st is the big day of Baptisms celebration. Usually this celebration takes place at Easter. But this year Easter came too early and the catechumens were not ready.  Because of this we decided for a month of patience, so we could have more catechism lessons ending in a better preparation for the last tests. I wanted to be present at these last tests in order to meet each of the candidates and, above all, trying to figure out if they were "ready" for this gift. Some questions were straight about the catechism followed by other questions like: "Who is Jesus for you?"; "When you read the Gospel, what do you like most?", and so on.
Finally the Sunday, the great day, comes! We celebrate outdoors, because there is no room for everyone in the Church. Are present altar servers, choir, liturgical dancers, the catechumens and a large number of Parish members.  All our people came simply to experience and enjoy the celebration of this moment of grace.
For a Parish of a Christian community, baptism is a great gift and at the same time a great responsibility: the new Christians should be able to find a community, a place where it is comfortable to live in and share the faith, where you can find live examples in order to be faithful and generous, where you can enjoy the beauty and the joy to be "wa-Christ", a Christian, as they say in Sango, the national language of Central Africa Republic.
At 6.00am on Monday morning we celebrate few marriages. A bit on a modest way to try to avoid too many expenses. But the 4 couples who got married, even without too many accessories and too much money, they knew well that the Sacrament of marriage is a gift and that the love between a man and a woman needs strength from above and the God's blessing.
Monday I’ll leave going to Bangui for some meetings. I’ll be back on Wednesday just in time for the Ascension feast that is celebrated here on Thursday.

Sr Lydie e Sr Annita preparano l'altare


Soeur Christine

da guardare con attenzione...
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