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Saturday, July 9, 2016

We have a dentist now! And there’s more!

We have a dentist now! And there’s more!
For some years we kept opened a Dental Clinic in Bozoum with the help of the Association Friends for Central Africa. Various dentists had alternated for some periods, and then we had chosen to invest in a young nurse, native of the capital Bangui. We helped him in his studies. He did practice with us until October 2013 when he took the decision to leave because he was afraid that the situation of the Country could degenerate. Since then, the Dental Clinic had remained unopened. But these days we were able to reopen it. In Bouar, far 250 km from here, there is an Italian volunteer, Fariselli Alberto, who works in another mission. We invited him. He came and all week has been very busy in removing teeth, filling them, making implants. A large number of patients knock at our Clinic in a happy mood, also because the nearest dentist has his own Dental Clinic in Bangui, 400 km far.
During these days the construction works for the enlargement of the church went on. We are working now at the great truss of the presbytery: over 31 meters! For now a part is ready and hopefully we can put it in place next week.
For sure you remember Hyppolite, a boy of Bozoum who was paralyzed from the waist down in an accident at school. It’s about a year now that he’s in Italy, Savona, where have been treated and cared in his recovery. Emanuela, the Savona mom who has accepted our Hyppolite did send us the following news about him:
Here I am, while waiting to go to St. Peter's Mass, I’m writing few things. Hyppolite does very well, and for this reason is loved by everyone. He continued his fencing training also for the month of June but now will stop for the summer break. At school he did very well: has passed the test of Italian with mark 100 out of 100, he gained reputation for his politeness, seriousness and intelligence. The teachers have asked for some documentation about his educational background for a better understanding about to which class can he be assigned  next year school, during which will attend evening classes because now is an adult and can’t follow the normal curriculum. During the summer, a friend of mine will give him some math lessons while Alessandra will help him improving the Italian grammar. His health is very good: since October no fever and he gained in strength. This morning at Santa Corona hospital the doctors planned a 15-day hospitalization, which will happen in a few months. They’ll perform more specific tests with regard of urinary tract, on posture, and on the aids he needs the most like the wheelchair, because the one he has is very small. Today he made his first swim in the Liguria sea ... discovering that the water is salty. I would say that he is perfectly settled down.  What he needs is the company of friends of his age but, not attending school, is a bit difficult to achieve this goal, however, between gym, beach and everything else we hope he can create friendships outside the family. See you soon, Emanuela.
Thanks to the whole family (Dad Fiorenzo, Mom Emanuela and children Alessandra and Daniele), the Hyppolite Italian family!

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