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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Final touches

Final touches
Sunday we celebrated the feast of St. Teresa (our foundress) in one of the three chapels of Bozoum, the one dedicated to her. Monday we resumed work.
Much fear not to end up on time and all of us does its best: bricklayers decorators, painters, carpenters ... And we are getting ready! Electrical systems, audio and plumbing are functioning ... the coats and the paintings are done, even the floors, and the roof is finished. There will still be some adjustments, but right now everything seems to be OK.
In addition to the construction site, this week is also filled by the presence of so many Christians preparing themselves for the Inauguration Day. We wanted to transform this event in a moment of grace and reflection. We invited not only all Christians of Bozoum, but also those of the 37 villages in which we work. And nearly 350 people came to this "three days" (in French is called "Conférence") of prayer and reflection on Mercy, as well on the gift of the new church. Both Fr. Marcello and Fr. Maurice came from Bouar and Baoro, and are helping our community of faithful to reflect and pray.
Finally on Sunday ... great celebration!

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