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Friday, December 23, 2016

Ciao Italy

Ciao Italy
Everything here is white, yesterday it snowed a lot. This is another gift that I received in Italy. On Thursday the 9th of December I’ll go back to Bozoum, where I’ll arrive on the 24th right on time to celebrate the Midnight Mass that, for security reasons and tradition, will take place at 07.00pm.
It’s rare for me to be in Europe just before Christmas. Living in Italy is really beautiful, there are wonderful places that are well preserved as a nice heritage for the future generations, as you can see in the cities, the churches, the roads, the fields, the vineyards, the rice fields and, last but not least, the cuisine. I met open-minded and warm people who showed so much interest and love for Bozoum and Central Africa.
I introduced Bozoum to 200 students of Cuneo University, parishes and communities receiving a lot of attention. Simple people that sometimes renounce to their necessities to share them with people in need.  Men and women full of hope that despite the difficulties still know how to trust and to love. Men and women that despite their age carry with courage and simplicity the signs of their fatigue, sometime of their suffering and often the difficulty of educating and proposing the Joy and the Faith.  
I would like to thank everybody, my religious Brothers that welcome me with joy, my family hat is close to me with their love and sometimes with pain because of my living so far away, all my friends and many unknown people that shine by sharing their love.  It’s true that during this time there are a lot of distractions and many things that take us away from the real meaning of Christmas, towards a light which is not the real one.
In a few days I’ll be in Central Africa celebrating Christmas in Bozoum which it will surely be simpler and more focused. I wish all of you a meaningful Christmas where the light is Him: God becoming flesh in order to make all of us closer to Him and better men and women.
Merry Christmas.

le grandi Marisa e Luisella del Baramò (sorella e nipote...)


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