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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Not four but two Seasons

Not four but two Seasons
In Central Africa the seasons are two, instead of four: the rainy season and the dry season. The length of the seasons varies inside the Country. In Bozoum, roughly, the rainy season begins in April-May, and ends in October-November (7 months) and the dry season It runs from October-November to March-April. We are therefore in full dry season. No rain for five months, frequently windy weather with the consequence of many forest fires that devastate the savannah, not forgetting the great amount of dust everywhere. Between November and January the temperature drops a lot at night reaching also + 7 Celsius. During the day the sun does his duty, and the temperature rises up to 34-38 degrees. But being very dry, the heat is bearable. Traveling is easier than during the rainy season also if we have to face very dusty roads.
What have we done this past week?  On Monday we delivered the report cards to the students of our St. Augustine’s Middle and High Schools. Tuesday afternoon I have had meetings with NGOs working in Bozoum. Wednesday afternoon I leave towards Bouar, daring to take the direct route. This means that I have to drive the distance of only 110 km instead of 250 km and in much less time, from 5 hours to 2 hours and a half! 
Since July this road wasn’t practicable because of broken bridges and the wade of a creek.
I can drive quite well. What makes me mad it’s that this road is under a repairing project since 4 years ago, and the constructions work isn’t over yet! The project was entrusted to a Company that didn’t finish the job. The Government then took over but at least are now six months that the machinery remain on site without working.
Once in Bouar I did visit our Yolé and St. Elia Communities, where the Carmelites are so much engaged in educational and training work. I spend my time from one meeting to another, moving with ease to various topics, like: the situation of the Country, the breeding of rabbits, the school, the building of a wall, the formation of novices, the activities of Caritas and Justice and Peace, a cooking recipe, the development of a project for people with AIDS.
Friday morning I leave Bouar, reaching Baoro, where I meet the Community. After lunch I'm again on the road and after a stop in Bossentele, I’m back in Bozoum before 6.00 pm with just enough time to say goodbye having to run to repair a wire, because we're without water. A half an hour of work and the pump starts again, and there is water for everyone.

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