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Saturday, March 25, 2017

The youthfulness of the Religious

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The youthfulness of the Religious
Monday is a special day: at Bossemptele (90 km from Bozoum) two young girls, after several years of preparation are reaching the end of their Novitiate ready to take their first Vows commitment: they’ll promise to God to live in chastity, poverty and obedience. They are Sr. Reine and Sr. Chiara, two young sisters of the Carmelite community of the Sisters of Turin. Are already a good number of years that the Carmelite Sisters of Turin work with us in Baoro and Bossemptele.
I leave at 6.00am Bozoum and shortly after, at 8.00am I reach Bossemptele, where I meet the Sisters, and many Fathers and youth coming from our communities of Bangui,  Bouar and Baoro. The Mass begins at 9.00 am, in the small parish church, and the celebration is so lively and animated: songs, dances, colors. Everything prepares our hearts for the great and simple moment in which these two girls rely whole their life and all of their lives to God.
In the afternoon I’m on my way towards Bangui, where, on Wednesday morning, I welcome Father Giustino, our Provincial Superior and Father Davide, the Vice-Administrator of the Missions. They are here on a visit in order to help us to improve our work for the Kingdom.
On Thursday morning we are on the road towards Baoro, where we arrive by noon, and in the evening we drive towards Bouar, where we are going to meet the other Communities.

la comunità del Carmelo a Bangui

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