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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Travels and people

Una sfida all'ortografia. NE CHERCHE PAS A SAVOIR
Vive l'orthographe: NE CHERCHE  PAS A SAVOIR

Travels and people
On Friday, July 7th, we leave Bouar, going to Yaounde, Cameroon capital. 
We face a distance of bit more than 700 km with the usual surprises at the borders, so we journey calmly. We travel in five: Father Saverio, Father Cyriaque, brother Louise Blaise, Sister Christine who leaves Bozoum in her way back to Congo and me.  Going through the borders this time it was easier, although in any case, the travel documents’ checking it takes a good hour and a half. After a short stop at Garoua Boulay we continue towards Bertoua, where we spend the night.
Traveling is always an unknown! On the road there are many trucks, some with interesting written advertising, while watching the landscape and the people it’s always very much interesting.  
On Saturday we leave at 5.30 am, and at 10 am we are in Yaounde. Here the Carmelites have two communities. We make a short stop at Nkoabang parish located right at the entrance to the city, and then we go to the convent of Nkolbisson. As usual in the city there is a very heavy traffic, requiring almost an hour to go through. In the afternoon and on Sunday we meet with the fathers living here. There are also two fathers of our Province: Father Domenico Rossi and Father Marco Gazzoli.
On Sunday afternoon I give a ride towards  Yaounde Airport to Father Saverio, our Provincial Superior who is going back to Italy. On Monday morning I went to the Carmelite Nuns to celebrate Mass, and also to give them some advice on their wood-burning oven! In the afternoon myself and Father Cyriaque begin our trip back home. We spend the night at Bertoua, and on Tuesday we leave early morning and at 11.30 am we are already in Bouar. I continue on, arriving at Bozoum in the evening.
In these days here in Bozoum rumors of an attack by Seleka are frightening everybody. They are no more than 100 km from us. Many traders have run away, and we try to calm down people, even with simple actions, such as going to the market to buy few tomatoes.
We hope for the best.

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