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Friday, December 22, 2017

Getting close to Christmas

Getting close to Christmas
Even in Central Africa these days, close to Christmas’s celebration, are very busy. But not because of lights, rush for last shopping or stuff like that.
On Sunday we celebrated the feast of St. John of the Cross. Together with St. Teresa of Avila, he is the Founder of the Discalced Carmelites. One of the chapels of the city is dedicated to him, and on Sunday we celebrate here an outdoors Mass.
Monday morning, from 8.30 am to 1.00 pm, I meet the professors of our High School St. Augustine, to have a conversation about the results of the first quarter. It is a precious work, with some disappointments, but also with many joys, especially when a kid begins to enjoy studying and riches positive results.
In the afternoon I leave going to Bouar. And on Tuesday we are together with Father Stefano, which celebrates 25th anniversary of his priesthood. At the celebration are present almost all the Carmelite Fathers of Central Africa. It is a beautiful moment of gratitude to God and to Father Stefano for this gift. After the celebration of the Eucharist we have a long meeting, and only in the late afternoon we return to Bozoum.
Wednesday afternoon I keep myself busy with the sick of a Bozoum area. I visit them, I listen to the Confession giving them the Communion. It is moving to see how the faces of these old and lonely people shine because of that simple visit. For them the real gift is Jesus visiting them.
Upon returning I meet the children of our orphanage Centre “Arc en Ciel”, I celebrate for the approaching Christmas. The crib, dances, some simple present like a small bag of biscuits, a soap, a whistle, really little things, but for a child it's a great gift. We adults certainly have something to learn!
Thursday I accompany Isaac to Bozoum airport. Almost three weeks ago he had been hit by a motorcycle, and he had a fractured arm and leg. The fracture of the leg is severe, and requires surgery. He is blind, and that very morning he came to me to ask for a little help. Thanks to the International Red Cross he can go by plane to Bangui, where they will take care of him. I’m impressed by his smile that says so much! Impressed also by the people who did take care of him and will continue to do so. 
It's almost Christmas!

Non si direbbe, ma è un fungo

Festa a St Jean

Riunione insegnanti


un po' di scuola dopo scuola, in quartiere
un peu d'école au quartier

Festa di Natale all'Arc en Ciel
Fete de Noel au Centre Orphelins Arc en Ciel

Partenza verso Bangui

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