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Monday, January 8, 2018

Bonne Année - Happy New Year!

Bonne Année - Happy New Year!
In Central Africa (and not only) wishing “Bonne Année” (Happy New Year) is a refrain never ending. It starts after Christmas going on until March.
At the end of the year came to  visit us, together with Father Marco Poggi, the six Indian Sisters living in Bouar at the Yolé, With them, Saturday afternoon, I go to visit the rice fields. And they, given their background, are great rice experts. They verify, taste and appreciate.
On Sunday, the liturgy offers us the celebration of the Holy Family of Nazareth. At the end of the Mass, we entrust all our families to the blessing of Joseph, Mary and Jesus.
The New Year begins relatively quiet. In the city there is a lot of excitement: people singing and dancing, beer, games, a few fireworks. On Sunday evening we meet in a large number for a moment of prayer and adoration, during which we give thanks to God for the year 2017 He gave to us, and we entrust Him our lives, the parish and the Country asking for his blessing during the 2018. And we pray that it will be a year of grace anyhow.
And Wednesday, January 3rd  I go to Bocaranga. The situation is improved a lot. In these past weeks, about 150 families, after three months of refugee life, left Bozoum to return to Bocaranga.  On the occasion of Christmas, thanks to the help of the Czech Republic, we were able to distribute 8,800 soaps, more than 7,000 packages of coffee, 5 tons of salt and 4,400 kg of rice shared among more than 1,800 families. And the distribution was made by the various churches and mosques present in the area, reaching in this way a very large number of people, without discrimination.
And this too is a very Happy New Year!

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