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Monday, May 21, 2018

Italy, Italy

Italy, Italy
These past days I have been a bit absent from my blog, focusing more about my being in Italy. I wanted to accomplish my plans, giving time in meeting my own family, the Discalced Carmelite family, and the many people who wish to learn more about Central Africa and Bozoum.
In my family I met my mother that also if 91 years old is still in good shape, apart some walking problems. My sister Marisa, with her family and Bar Barò (“baro’ “is the way how to greet people in Sango, the national language of Central Africa). My brother Giovanni. And then the Parish Community, and the many people I’m use to meet.
This week I'm in Liguria, where I meet our Carmelite communities. Warm reception, much fraternity, with the support of sympathy and prayer promised by convents and monasteries.
Last week (In 3 days I covered 1,500 km) I’m in Milan to meet friends working at “Popoli e Missioni”, “Famiglia Cristiana” and “Avvenire”. With them I have conversations about Central Africa, Church, and Bozoum ... The following day I'm in Pegognaga visiting Mario Mazzali, our unbeatable volunteer handyman, and his wife Luigina. Then I drive towards Ferrara and Lendinara (Rovigo), where I meet other Bozoum friends. The third day I go to Turin, at the Book Fair. Here I meet other friends, but also a special person: Grégoire Ahongbonon. Born in Benin, for years he has dedicated himself to the mentally ill in many African Countries, literally freeing them from the chains and taking care of them. An idea useful for Bozoum too. After a greeting to the daily newspaper “La Stampa”, I return to Cuneo.
And the journey goes on. I will stay in Italy until May 29th , but there is still a lot to do and many beautiful people to meet.

Grégoire Ahongbon

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