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Sunday, July 15, 2018


It's a week in which mothers make news!
Monday morning Suzanne Yadole, a multi-winner of the Bozoum gardens contest, and mother of Hyppolite, leaves Bozoum, to join her son in Italy. Hyppolite is a boy from Bozoum, paralyzed from the waist down, after a bad fall in the classroom. At that time we were facing severe problems: his wounds and his various health problems that were killing him. We were able to arrange a trip to Italy.
In Savona he have been welcomed and hosted with love by a small-big family; mom Emanuela, dad Fiorenzo, Alessandra and Daniele, and a couple of dogs. Hyppolite at present is enjoying a better health, but we felt the need to make him stay a while with his mom. And since he is not able for now to be back to Bozoum, it is the mother who goes to him. The journey is long: first we have to go to Cameroon in order to present the request for the visa, hoping for a yes. Then the flight to Italy.
On Wednesday I go to Bouar. With me is Sister Annita, who leaves moving Congo, for a period of rest, visiting also her family.
Thursday morning there is the meeting, the first one, of the diocesan Commission of the Media. We discuss the Diocesan Radio (whose name is Siriri, which means "peace" in sango). Radio, in Central Africa, is a great tool for information and training. With the help of the diocese of Chiavari (GE), with the positive involvement of Teleradio Pace, we hope to expand the area in which our radio waves can be received so that it reaches all 12 parishes of the diocese of Bouar.
We also have had a conversation about being present on the Internet. For several months, thanks to my friend Maurizio Urbani, there is a site of the diocese:
In the afternoon, I move to the St. Michael Center for AIDS patients. Here, with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, and the NGO SIRIRI, we are building an Ophthalmology clinic, where those with eye problems will find staff, medicines and tools to heal or at least to improve conditions.
And I conclude with another mother: in all our Carmelite communities we are preparing the great festival of Mary, Mother and Queen of Carmel, on July 16th. And I entrust you all to Her!

la partenza della mamma di Hyppolite (la prima, in piedi, a sinistra)
le départ de la maman de Hyppolite (en haut, la première à gauche)

Il centro di Oftalmologia in costruzione
le Centre Ophtalmologique en construction

Ritorno a Bozoum
en rentrant à Bozoum

Monday, July 9, 2018


Sunday, July 1st, after celebrating the end of all the other schools of the Mission, is now the turn of the "Cana" Women's Training Center. Opened in 2004, this small school is reserved for girls and women who receive training on childcare, family economics, cooking, sewing, cutting, embroidery and knitting, for the duration of 3 years.
The "Cana" Center is supported by our friends of Prague members of the Organization SIRIR.ORG, and takes its name from the Gospel: it is at Cana that Jesus performs his first miracle, changing the water into wine, pushed and convinced by Mary, his mother. Once more Cana highlights female ability and genius.
For the end of the school year girls and women give their best. They come at Mass, offering to God and the poor part of what they have done. In the parish hall their show of their handmade by them: clothes, sweaters, sweets, embroidered sheets. In the afternoon we deliver report cards and diplomas to those who did complete the three-year training course.
Monday morning we start again! At 4.30 am I leave towards Bangui, where I arrive at 11.00 am. The roads continue to get worse, and it takes six and a half hours to travel 400 km. Even the sectors of the roads covered with asphalt get worse by the day.
On Tuesday I’m at our Carmel Bangui convent for a ceremony. It's about laying the first stone of ... a chicken coop! In 2016, after the Pope's visit to Central Africa, the Italian government was committed to helping the Country with a training project on agriculture, targeting especially young people. Carmel is a large agricultural center of 130 hectares, created by Father Anastasio twenty years ago or so, with the aim of helping people and the country, through agriculture. There is a large plantation of oil palm trees, another, just begun, of coffee, and a large nursery of tropical plants. There is also a breeding shed with about eighty cows.
The project, which involves Italy, FAO, the COOPI NGO, some Nobel prizes (Yunus and others), finally begins to take shape, and on Tuesday there was a simple ceremony to present the project and start the works. And soon, I hope, the first young people can begin the training courses on agriculture, breeding, transformation...
On Wednesday at 4.30 am departure from Bangui, and in the evening I am finally in Bozoum, after a short visit to Baoro and Bouar. Keep going!


Monday, July 2, 2018

A quiet time (almost)

A quiet time (almost)
The end of the schools also brings a little bit of calm. Just a bit and will last a bit, but as for now we are enjoying it.
Friday we ended the Maturity exam (BAC) for the students of our St. Augustine High School. The examination tests are all written, and now correcting the written results will take place in Bangui. And the anxiety for the judgment begins!
In these days I visit the rice fields of Bohoro, 7 km from Bozoum. In April we began to repair the earth dam and cleaning up the artificial lake that guarantees water during the dry season helping also in reaching 2 production cycles per year. The work is done, and now the lake is full of water, and the farmers are preparing the sowing for the new cycle of rice.
Saturday morning is the turn of the General Assembly of the members of the Bozoum Savings and Credit Bank. At this General Assembly the presentation of Budget and the various activities of the Bank is made. Basically is the only one outside of Capital.
On Monday morning I go to Bouar, and then to Baoro. Today the Bishops of Central Africa come back to their Dioceses after their meeting in Berberati. Baoro is on their way back home, and we welcome them with joy for lunch. Is with them also Cardinal Nzapalainga, and all the bishops of the Country. We share the joy of being together, sharing also the passion for the Church and for the people, but also the concerns for the Country. Peace is fragile, and completely missing in most of the territory. The pressures from abroad are numerous, and much of the local political class does not seem concerned for the common good, unfortunately!        Courage!
la diga della risaia
le bassin du Centre Rizicole

Maturità 2018
BAC 2018

Assemblea Generale della Caisse d'éèargne et Crédit de Bozoum

i Vescovi del Centrafrica con la comunità di Baoro

Sunday, June 24, 2018

A new priest, Saint Anthony, and the end of the school year. 2

fra Christo, con i suoi genitori
le frère Christo, avec ses parents

A new priest, Saint Anthony, and the end of the school year. 2
Last Friday I leave Bozoum, in the morning, together with Fr. Davide and Federico. I go to Bouar for an important happening: on Saturday, June 16th, a young Central African Carmelite, Brother Christo Nganamodei, becomes priest. He entered the Seminary in 2000, after a long journey finally arrives this great day. The Bishop of Bouar, Mgrs. Mirek Gucwa, is also excited: it is his first priestly ordination!
In Bouar I meet Fr. Saverio, our Provincial Superior, together with Fr. Pavel and Fr. Anastasio, who came just for this special occasion from Prague. Our young people and all the communities are present. The celebration takes place in the beautiful church of the convent of St. Elia. Our Seminary Students perform the liturgical songs. The church, during the Mass, is filled with a very large crowd of faithful following, inside and outside, with intense participation. After the invocation of the Holy Spirit, the Bishop asks Brother Christo if he intends to respect the priesthood commitments. Then Brother Christo lies down on the ground, and together we pray to God, asking for the intercession of the Saints. The Bishop then imposes his hands, followed by the concelebrating priests: it is an ancient gesture, which goes back to the Acts of the Apostles. And Brother Christ is now a priest!
In the afternoon I have to go back immediately to Bozoum. Sunday 17th we celebrate the feast of St. Anthony, the saint patron of one of the 3 chapels which are in Bozoum.
On Sunday afternoon, the square of the Parish is filled with more than 1,200 kids who attend our schools, from kindergarten to elementary schools, without forgetting the children of the School of Literacy. It's a party! There are their parents, and all the classes are called on stage. This year we can also give a special prize to the 15 best students of each class: a small fruit plant! It is an initiative that we carry on every year. The gift of the plant is welcomed with great pride by children and parents: once home, they will plant it, and the tree that will grow will be the memory of a good job at school.
And the small plants will grow!

P.Anastasio con Mgr Mirek

Festa della cappella St.Antoine

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