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Saturday, December 7, 2013

(bad) news form Bozoum

Bad day yesterday in Bangui, with shootings and more than 300 people dead.
Here in Bozoum also bad tension. In the evening there have been some shootings and immediately some people came over here at the mission to spend the night, which was calm.
This morning at 9.30 more shooting. The kids of the schools were terribly frightened, I went over to make sure all precautions are taken, finally, we got confirmation it was fals alarm we sent the kids back home. 12.45 more shootings, a lot of them, in several directions, even with heavy weapons. The anti-balaka, militias of local people who lost everything because of the Seleka rebels, are attacking the village. Immediately everyone flees and many come here at the mission.
It's 4 pm. We have a meeting to organize their staying here (hygiene, safety, water supply and place for the night) there at least 3000 people and we don't know if more will come....sadly some have been wounded and some are dead. 
We hope and we pray that the situation will calm down and peace will come back again....

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