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Monday, August 29, 2016

Baptisms and kilometers

Baptisms and kilometers
Sunday August 21st we experienced a special moment: 9 children were baptized! They were 3 months of age and 3 years old. During this Year of Mercy they received the grace to become sons of God! While baptizing them, I think about the grace we received by Baptism! How short we are in appreciating the gift!
Monday morning at 5.00 am I resume the work of the church glasses ending up at about 10.00 am, just in time to get ready to leave towards Bangui where I arrive, together with my Italian friends, around 7.00 pm.  Tuesday I have enough time for a few meetings and visits. Then I take all my friends to the airport because they are going back to Italy, along with Fr.Enrico Redaelli who is going back for a period of well-deserved time of rest.
As they leave, arrives with the same flight Fr. Maurice Maikane, a Carmelite priest, born in Bozoum. He is back after three years spent in Rome to deepen his studies in youth ministry.
With him I leave Bangui on Wednesday morning around 6:30 am arriving at noon in Baoro his new community. In the afternoon I travel again: direction Bouar. The next morning I’m once more on the road back to Bozoum.
I covered a long distance with lots of kilometers (over 1,100 Km).  Life is beautiful that way too!

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