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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Orchids are blooming again

Orchids are blooming again
The month of August rich in rain (the road to Bangui is often blocked by mud) brings also the orchids. At least this is happening in Bozoum!  During this month, on the road towards the mission, the mongo-trees are full of white orchids. They are arranged in clusters. They are not so visible, although  a cluster is 30-40 cm long. Nevertheless, they are there and in their hidden and silent beauty they speak.
In the meanwhile the work of the enlargement of the church continues. Some workers seal the colored glass-windows with cement. This is a very meticulous job and it takes a very long time. We need to wait for the cement to dry and to become hard. This takes at least two weeks to be accomplished. Only then can we begin with the installation of the windows.
Other workers are building the walls in the higher area of the church while the carpenters go on positioning the truss. But we are having problems finding the right wood (to finish this work) not even in Bangui, the capital.
But the Providence is great! This last Sunday, in the parish council, we discussed how to combine these events:  the celebration of the enlargement of the church and the catechesis about ‘Mercy’.
 This will happen in October: - - - - - I am waiting for you!

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