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Saturday, February 18, 2017

From Bouar to Bozoum


From Bouar to Bozoum
On Friday night I’m back to Central Africa, after my visit to Cameroon. I did stop at Bouar where I could attend the opening of the Agricultural Fair, which Caritas has been organizing for 7 years, thanks to the work of Father Beniamino Gusmeroli.
Saturday afternoon I leave with Father Enrico, and through the direct route we arrive in the evening in Bozoum, finally!
In these days we are performing some improvements in the church. I have installed 6 ventilators to improve a bit the old part of the church, were we suffer a very high degree of heat this season. Enrico Massone instead began to apply the tiles to the sanctuary. Thanks to our friend Cesare Biancini (and family) we received the tiles which will allow having a cleaner environment and also a dignified area. It is a long and hard work, but Enrico Massone is used to: this year Enrico is going to celebrate 30 years of working in Central Africa, where he comes regularly each year for one or two months , since 1987!
And next week ... there will be a surprise!


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