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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Flights, Confirmations and books

Flights, Confirmations and books
Just before Christmas I began taking care of Isaac, a poor blind man who had been the victim of an accident. The International Red Cross had taken him to Bangui by plane, to undergo a surgery and to receive the necessary medical attentions. This week Isaac has finally returned to Bozoum, fit and very happy!
The week is deeply marked by the celebration of Confirmations: it is the Sacrament in which boys, girls, young people and adults receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, which confirms what was received in Baptism. It is the sacrament of Christian maturity, which makes all of them living witnesses of God.
We celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmations not only in Bozoum, but also in Bokaya, Boyele and Manga, villages on the way to Bouar, an also in Paoua and Bocaranga. For the occasion comes the Bishop of Bouar, Monsignor Mirek Gucwa. On Saturday I celebrates in Bokaya, while on Sunday in Bozoum and on Monday morning in Manga and in the afternoon at Boyele. It is an opportunity to meet the Bishop not only because of the Sacrament of Confirmation but also because the Bishop has a chance to meet the youth and the students of our schools, whom He met on Tuesday morning, before leaving.
 And what about the two surprises? Here they are:
1. The following weeks will be published: "COURAGE. We must fight so that God grants victory ". The book collects what I write weekly on this blog, since its beginning until the end of 2017. Thanks to the friendship and generosity of many friends and of our “Missions of Arenzano”, the book will be available in a few days.
2. The second surprise is that at the end of the week I leave for a few weeks in Italy, until May 29th.


Visita del Vescovo nel Lycée St.Augustin
Visite de l'Eveque au Lycée St.Augustin

Lettura davanti al Vescovo nella nostra scuola Bakandja
Un peu de lecture devant l'Eveque à l'école Bakandja

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