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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ciao Bozoum

Un albero della savana  con dei fiori strani....
Un abrbre de la brousse avec des fleurs étranges
Ciao Bozoum
Despite the situation in Bangui (capital) remains quite tense (about 20 dead in these past days), here in Bozoum we keep up the good work towards peace. We also have a contingent of 80-100 MISCA soldiers, who will remain here and be monitoring the situation.
On the 28th of March and we officially opened the Jurisdictional Year. With no court, nor judges we ourselves nominated and set up our own Committee of the Wise Men. They will gather 3 days per week and organize justice on small matters here. This will ensure our citizen a small jsutice system reference.
On Friday i went to Bocaranga, there was Tatale village here once, with 650 Peuls. Now there's no one here! LAst week some Antibalakas came anf threatened to kill them all, they wunded 2 men and killed a pregnant woman.
In Kake, 95 km from Bozoum, about 70 Peuls women and children remain, I brought them some rice and oil and tried to reassure these poor women, so beautiful in their painful dignity. On Saturday the 29th there was the anniversayr of the firt CAR president, 
Barthelemy Boganda. 
Such a man, with a great personality who left rich ideas and many values. In the morning we gathered at the Protestant Church to pray together, to celebrate once more the Unity who must be the civil way of living in our country. In the afternoon we partecipated to the Peace Walk followed by a lovely concert.
And tonight i'm packing...tomorrow I'll be on my way to Bangui and on Tuesday, 1st of April (no fools here eh!) im going to italy for a while. 
But my heart and my head will stay here in Bozoum!

Il primo carico di porte per Herba
le premioer voyage des portes pour  Herba

Le donne e i bambini Peul di Kake
Les femmes et enfants Peuls de Kake

L'inaugurazione del "Tribunale"
L'installation du "Comité des Sages"

La Marcia per la Pace
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La preghiera ecumenica per la Pace
La prière écumenique pour la Paix

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