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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Passion, death and Resurrection

Buona Pasqua

Sulla tomba del p.Werenfried
Au tombeau du P.Werenfried

Passion, death and Resurrection
These days in Italy I can say my heart and thoughts often go to Bozoum....
I visited a school in San Rocco, close to Cuneo, and I presented them Bozoum and Car. I was received by very interested kids and great teachers. On Saturday, before Palm Sunday I celebrated Mass in San Pio, one of Cuneo's neighborhoods. In the crowd I noticed a guy...and he seemed familiar. Turns out he was in Seminar back in 1992 before I left. He came here on purpose from Genova, with his wife and child!
On Sunday I visited the Carmelitans in Torino, then flew to Frankfurt, Germany. I went there to meet with some friends who translate my blog to German and foremost because they host the Organization "help to suffering church" they're doing a lot for our cause in Car especially via media and more. This organization came from the genius and courage of a Dutch monk, Father Werenfriend, who in 1946 he helped Germany and their terrible situation and begun to ask for help to Belgium....he had the courage to tear down hate and let Resurrection begin. This organization invited me to present Car's situation to the UN. Many thanks go to pCmhristine, Marcela, Eva and everyone who made this possible. On Monday I therefore went to Brussels, I spent two very busy days there. I met several functionaries working at the UN and people and journalists interested in Car and in the mediation work we have been doing in Bozoum.
On Holy Thursday I cam back, just in time for Mass. It's opening the Easter Triduo, in which we honor the Eucharist, priesthood and Foot Washing. During these days I heard from Bozoum. There have been shooting 60 km far from there, and MISCA couldn't go because they said they're were out of petrol... And in Car, the archbishop of Bossangoa and three priests have been captured for few hours by the Selekas.....

Passion, death and ( we hope an Believe) Resurrection

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